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[personal profile] acari posted an entry on Christmas a couple of days ago (prompted by an article in the Guardian) and asked everyone how they were spending their Christmas time - or the corresponding holiday in everyone's religion.

Basically, Christmas changed for me a lot since I arrived in France. I will start with the Christmas with my family I was used to (usually in Germany) and then continue with Frenchie Christmas (= with M. and his family).

The Christmas feeling usually started a little before December, with the first Advent and the Advent wreath and sometimes clove-pierced oranges. My mum also put up chain lights/fairy lights on the windows with us, sometimes we tried to make forms (stars for example). Marzipanbrot and Schoko-Dominos are typical sweets for the time preceding Christmas. My mum was always very strict regarding when and how much sweets we had, so we never had a lot of it - at least, until Christmas itself! We also usually had Advent calendars, when I was young little stockings with barely the space for a little sweet (or actually other gem) each day, but later there were the supermarket style chocolate-calendars. I think we once had a Playmobil-one, too. I really like Advent calendars, that little chocolate (or surprise gem) really can make one's day.
On December 6th we would usually have St Nikolaus - we would find sweets, oranges, nuts, tangerines and sometimes small gifts like stickers in our shoes, stockings or tights. We were of course supposed to clean our shoes to perfection before putting them out and always took great care to choose the biggest shoes we had. I think I once had a birch (which is for naughty children), though when I burst out crying my mum said it was only a joke or something like this. I remember she hasn't been serious about it, but I can't remember what exactly was going on. I also remember having written a long letter to Nikolaus once after he had "lost" his bonnet jammed in the door the previous year and telling him I had stored it safely for him.
Finally Christmas itself is a huge affair - usually we didn't set out to Poland in the winter, due to the difficulties on the road. This limited the impact of Christmas and basically it was Christmas evening with a little bit festive feeling (and food) left for the 25th. We had every year (when at home) a real Christmas tree, decorated by us with chain lights, self-made coloured paper-chains and Christmas ball ornaments. Sometimes we had a colour-theme (silver, gold, red, mix of two colours) or we went crazy on decorating. It also depended on who was "responsible" for decoration... or if we did it all together. Some years we had aluminium foil wrapped chocolate ornaments (put the hyphens were they belong...) for the tree or we used old or self-made ornaments, but I usually liked a more sober Christmas tree.
When it comes to Christmas food... it was usually rather traditional Polish food, depending on the ingredients available. When older, once or twice we fastened on the 24th to better appreciate the evening meal. (It happened that I got really angry at my mum one of these times, because she wanted to call all family members before dining and having been preparing all day long wonderful food without eating the smallest bit I felt just too impatient to wait longer.) We usually have clear Barszcz with Uszka (the picture on the Uszka-link depicts it quite well), but the other dishes are quite depending -as I said earlier- on the circumstances and ingredients available. When in Poland, we usually had lots, LOTS, LOTS of different plates. Another tradition is to share Opłatek, usually a quite solemn moment.
Finally, when the first star is out shining, blinking, twinkling in the sky, the gift-opening starts. I believed for quite some time in Santa Claus, I even have the memory of seeing disappearing his sleigh in the night sky when I have been at my paternal grandma's.

Now, let's come to how I live Christmas in France. I won't comment on the year I've been volunteering, because it's too specific and I clearly can't remember any details, expect spending hours in the kitchen to reproduce for everyone something with the vague delight and deliciousness that is Barszcz. (Did I make some Uszka? I don't think so.)

Since in France, November and December are very study-intensive months, with most exams being in January. I usually don't manage to even notice when December rolled around - not to talk about preparing anything. We still don't have any decorations (just three, four small ornaments I got from a fellow Bookcrosser ♥), which has another reason: we are spending Christmas normally with M.'s family. Though I'd like some cloved oranges. His grandparents don't bother for a lot of decoration, if any. When it comes to Advent calenders, there seem to be none in the supermarket where we usually do our shopping, but mum happened to send us some this year again! (...und die Marzipankartoffeln wurden sofort von M. gekidnappt.)
The food here is different and before dining we are surprised (and do surprise) by gifts on everyone's plate. The food I associate with Frenchie Christmas is Foie Gras, snails (not that I manage to find the courage to try them) and a Bûche for dessert. The main dishes vary, usually with capon with chestnuts or Boudin blanc with apples . Often enough we have Ravioles du Dauphiné when down there, so I associate it with Christmas, too. I think it's rather a regional food than a seasonal one. Except that we are with family, it isn't so much anything special.

If you have any question, go ahead.

Ich habe wieder gewonnen - diesmal einen Eyeliner zum Testen bekommen! Dank des'ai encore gagné quelque chose: cette fois-ci un eyeliner de Maybelline pour tester! C'est grâce au forum sur

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Da ich das ganze so lustig fand, habe ich den Eyeliner für einen guten Zweck entfremdet:J'ai trouvé ça bien drôle et j'ai abusé de l'eyeliner pour une bonne cause:

PS: Wenn ihr Fragen dazu habt, nur her damit!PS: Si vous avez des questions, ne hésitez pas de demander!
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Vielleicht erinnert ihr euch an das Gewinnspiel von GTBHC von dem ich berichtet habe?

Ich kann's nicht fassen. Yay!

PS: Übrigens könnt ihr den GTBHC-Feed auf Dreamwidth verfolgen: [syndicated profile] keinezicktsoschoenwi_feed
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Auf dem Kosmetik-Blog "Give The Bitch Her Chocolate" oder aber "keine zickt so schoen wie ich", gibt es momentan ein Gewinnspiel, bei dem ich auch teilnehme:

Ihr könnt auch direkt den RSS-Feed bei Dreamwidth abonnieren: [syndicated profile] keinezicktsoschoenwi_feed

Das Gewinnspiel endet Anfang Oktober, ihr habt also noch einen kleinen Moment um daran teilzunehmen!

PS: Gestern war ich leider über beide Ohren mit dem FFJE beschäftigt, der nächste Follow Friday wird also umso praller!
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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial
You can read all Follow Friday-tagged entries on the latest page.

First off, I left this community, but maybe it is useful for others: [community profile] perl.
In other news [community profile] bento_picnic started to be slightly more active, which is just YAY! (Note to self: Remember to crosspost!)
Personally my involvement in [community profile] exercise_every_day will enlighten those of you who felt spammed by my sporty updates. That's it community-wise.

But I importated a couple (=too many) of feeds during the last week to Dreamwidth:
[syndicated profile] jlistnew_feed: For the J-List shop. Beware of all the kinky items. I should probably check for a no-"adult"-items feed.
[syndicated profile] lenouveaujaponoblog_feed: En français, une copine partie pour une année étudier au Japon. Jalousie!
[syndicated profile] monbento_feed: Un blog sur... eh oui, bentô.
[syndicated profile] mademoisellem_feed: encore un deuxième!

...und weil man irgendwann auch Frau werden will: ;)
[syndicated profile] innenundaussen_feed: Make-Up-Tests und Kommentare (Danke [personal profile] billie!)
[syndicated profile] pinkpueppi_feed: Ähnlich wie Innen&Aussen

Last but not least:
[syndicated profile] wyborczakraj_feed: Wiadomosci krajowe Gazety Wyborczej!

On another hand I was SO surprised to discover the Amazon Universal Wish List - to be able to add with one click items from other sites makes it so much easier to remember what one wanted to buy. At some point. Maybe. If there is some money left. You get the idea. :) (The only thing that bothers me slightly, that the last name doesn't seem to be hidden. Anyone knows about it or wants to check it for me?)
If you want to share your list, go ahead! (All comments will be screened!) Is there any wishlist-sharing community on Dreamwidth, by the way? Not that my reading list will probably cut a lot, when uni starts again, but... in the meanwhile?
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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth.

There's [syndicated profile] watchtheguild_feed! But I guess I might have already told you about that one?

Ich habe mich jetzt für einen Amazon-Gutschein entschlossen, damit ich sicher bin, dass ich die Sachen auch herbekommen könnte:

Mal sehen wann ich aufgebe. ;) (Aber die Seite bietet gute Zeitverschwendung, wenn man krank ist. Ernsthaft.)
...ich meine ich hätte von einem gehört, welches ganz viel SMS-Kommunikation hat, aber ich kann mich nicht mehr daran erinnern. Hilfe?
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Weiss jemand wie man das am besten erklären kann?


Jun. 30th, 2010 09:37 am
Meine letzte Prüfung ist gar nicht morgen, sie ist erst Freitag! Fail! at life. ;___;
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...erm, honestly, what about I do not know.
So I'll just see what communities I haven't yet talked about. Hm, food-related ones?

Some of you might now, for a couple of weeks now I starve for cooking. When it comes to cooking, I know nothing and the little I try is messed up. So I've been in a stroke to change this situation at least slightly and have done some easy meals (basically spaghetti with sauce with almost random ingredients) to warm up and even made Matt appreciate some of it (who doesn't like anything tomato-related, but then maybe he didn't appreciate the food, but just my effort to do it). I've done some "Gâteaux mousses au chocolat" which turned out quite delicious (in my opinion) and the people I shared them with seemed to enjoy them equally.
So for taking some further steps into the kitchen, I have subscribed to a heap of communities and feeds with the kitchen-theme, which makes me realise how many tools for the trade I lack. [personal profile] resa is not only a friend, but she's been also a great inspiration for this (renewed) interest of mine!
[community profile] boilingwater is for very basic cooking and you shouldn't be afraid to asks questions. I've seen several recipes so far that do stir my interest. (But I lack a mixing device.)
[syndicated profile] simplyrecipes_feed looks more like "standard" meals, but there seem to be some interesting ideas. [syndicated profile] just_hungry_feed is about food, too, but has lots of random talk in it - at least I do feel as if it isn't addressing me directly enough, so considering the amount of communities and feeds I've joined to check on them, this might be one that won't stay if I start combing through what needs to go. (On the other hand there are nifty explanations, for example on How to make onigiri.)
[community profile] thriftycooking has interesting discussions, but many of the topics don't apply for our household... (I couldn't make broth, we don't have a big enough pot.)
Now, [syndicated profile] happylittlebento_feed has a lot of... happy little bentos. Honestly they are so sweet to look at! The same goes for [syndicated profile] bentolicious_feed. [syndicated profile] bentobliss_feed has a lot of every-day-bentos, which doesn't make it look any less yummier.
[syndicated profile] adventures_bento_feed has not only a contest going on, but there are lots and lots of interesting, cute and intriguing bentos to be discovered. (I'm not a LOST-fan myself, but those might be particularly interested in the LOST-themed bentos.)
Und auf Deutsch: [syndicated profile] bentolunchblog_feed

I think that must have been the bulk. If you have any other communities or feeds in that direction to recommend, go ahead! And now: omnomnomnom!

You can follow all recommendations on
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...que les gâteaux que j'ai fait étaient bons pas mauvais. Personnellement je les ai trouvé un peu lourds, mais c'est peut-être que dans cette recette on prévoit 12 et non seulement 6 gâteaux. Pour la même raison la cuisson était quelques minutes plus longue que les 12 minutes de la recette. Pour les coupeaux de chocolat, on peut râper un peu d'une tablette non-terminée (c'est ce que j'ai fait). (Puis, pour les mesures de la farine... ne pas s'inquiéter si ça passe un peu au pif-o-mètre...) Ah, et puis j'ai utilisé un plateaux-moules en silicone (?), donc pas de papier, pas de beurre... ça se détache sans soucis.
Peut-être j'en referais demain, une copine a son anniversaire le dimanche, ensuite les vacances et on ne se reverra pas après (et ce vendredi qu'à la va-vite). Ca ferait peut-être une jolie surprise. (Et dans ce cas-là je ferai sûrement un post avec des photos, la dernière fois je n'ai pas mis de carte SD dans l'appareil photo... d'oh!)
Sinon, est-ce que vous avez des recettes plutôt simples, pour muffins ou gâteaux similaires (sans qu'il faut battre des œufs!), que vous aimez et voudriez bien partager avec moi?

If anyone wants me to translate the recipe, go ahead and ask, I'll do so.

Übrigens, ich hatte mal von wem eine Anleitung für AMERIKANER, hat die wer von euch? Die war ganz simpel und ich hatte Spass dran... ansonsten suche ich mir eine irgendwo, aber die die ich hatte war irgendwie toll. ^____^'
Hätte ich doch fast vergessen euch davon zu berichten! arte hat im Moment sehr viele Japan-bezogene Themenabende und ähnliches. Letzten Moment waren es vor allem Samuraifilme, diesen Monat gibt's eine Hommage an Miyazaki. Chihiro ist leider schon ausgestrahlt worden, aber heute Abend gibt es Totoro, sowie eine Dokumentation zu Ghibli/Miyazaki. Ihr könnt das Miyazaki-spezifische Programm hier auf einsehen und findet dort auch zusätzliche Infos.

Alors, j'ai presque oublié d'en parler, mais arte a en ce moment beaucoup des diffusions thématiques et après les samurais le mois dernier, ce mois est dédié à Miyazaki, dont plusieurs œuvres seront diffusés d'après ce programme. Malheureusement pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, Chihiro est déjà passé lundi, mais aujourd'hui ils enchaînent avec Totoro et une documentation. A vous la télécommande!
Is it me or is there neither on the Icon Upload page nor in the FAQ anything that says what is the max size for an icon?
Danke, [personal profile] ivy!
Matt war fast zwei Wochen krank, hat mich freundlicherweise auch angesteckt und mich hat's natürlich noch schöner erwischt. Fast eine Woche nur im Bett verbracht, während er die ganze Zeit auch arbeiten ging. Montag wollte ich zwar zur Uni, es gab aber eine Schlüsselgeschichte (gebt nie jemanden anderen den Schlüssel für den Briefkasten an dem auch alle andere hängen!), die verhindert hat, dass ich hingegangen bin. Dienstag endlich wieder hin, auch wenn ich einfach einen Kurs nicht besucht habe, weil ich vor Husten inzwischen umkam (und keinen Tee mit Honig mehr hatte) und es für die Kameraden störend ist. Gestern hatte ich auch wieder einigermaßen Stimme, heißt ich konnte ab und an mehr als nur flüstern, aber besser in Form. (Von den merkwürdigen, unaufgeklärten Bauchschmerzen gestern Abend sprechen wir hier lieber nicht.)
Heute sollte ich die ganzen nicht-gemachten Hausaufgaben und andere Wiederholungen endlich richtig angreifen, weil es eben mein Uni-freier Tag ist. Und einige Sachen unbedingt morgen abgegeben werden wollten.
Dummerweise will mein Netbook nicht mehr. Der auf dem die ganzen angefangenen Dokumente (Übersetzungen, Redaktionen, Referat,...) sind. Ebenfalls anki mit meinen Kanji- und Vokabelwiederholungen. Das Netbook, das ich letzten Dezember? November? gekauft habe.

Ich befürchte ja langsam, dass irgendetwas mit dem Firefox Update schief gelaufen ist, denn ich sehe nicht, was anderes es sein könnte. (Bluescreen: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR-EQUAL error.)

Mein Bett ruft, ihm sei es nur mit dem Buch alleine zu einsam. Ich gönn' mir jetzt einfach mal eine halbe Stunde entspannen, denn Grund zum Stress gibt es genug, der hilft mir aber nicht. Danach sehen wir weiter, was ich denn so erledigen kann.
Ich würde hier ja jetzt gerne ein nettes Motto hinterlassen, mir fällt aber gerade keins ein...