Aug. 1st, 2010 10:23 am
martyna: Matt's and my inline-skates (sport) second C25K run. Ears better today, it's been less windy. Maybe I should stop spamming you in my journal and instead move to one of the exercises communities? Hm, what do you think?
martyna: Matt's and my inline-skates (sport)
...from my first C25K run. Last night we went out so I could get a wristband while fetching our pizza. Later, I found that there are podcasts where they tell you when to run and when to walk, so I got Robert Ullrey's C25K Podcasts. The music was on the lower range of okay (okay enough for running), but I think I'll try either another podcast with music, but not comments or mix up the comments-only one with my own music. The point is Robert has probably done an effort, but at times I couldn't hear what he was saying. (Even Paris in the green skies is loud in the morning rush hours.)
Let's get to the "major" problems: a.) I have no breathing technique and thus run immediately out of breath (and sport bras are not helpful either) and b.) earache. Those have been problems for a couple of years now, though I can't remember having them back in Germany. Especially the earache even despite having my earpieces. I think both of them are a reason for feeling completely out of shape and exhausted, because doing other sports I feel far less drained... when I do them.
What I'm wondering about is also why I feel my legs/muscles in the very beginning, but not at all in the end - warm up related?
So at least I got up with sweetie and did it. I don't know whether I'll do another run on Sunday or if we'll do the roller skating thing. I also discovered there are 45 minutes of free yoga on Sundays in one of Paris parks, but I wonder whether you need a mat - I guess so? (I'll check back in Germany whether there is one I could bring back here. I don't want to buy one without knowing it will be used.)
On another hand I wanted to record a TV Gym program just to have a look at it and because I won't get up at 6 am to do it. NO way, especially during my holidays and not knowing if it will be fun. Sadly, it seems our recorder can't keep up with the analogue/TNT-thing and has only the analogue channels... and Direct8 is not one of them.

Huh, this got quite long!



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