Ich habe wieder gewonnen - diesmal einen Eyeliner zum Testen bekommen! Dank des welovemakeup.com-Forums.J'ai encore gagné quelque chose: cette fois-ci un eyeliner de Maybelline pour tester! C'est grâce au forum sur welovemakeup.com.

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Da ich das ganze so lustig fand, habe ich den Eyeliner für einen guten Zweck entfremdet:J'ai trouvé ça bien drôle et j'ai abusé de l'eyeliner pour une bonne cause:

PS: Wenn ihr Fragen dazu habt, nur her damit!PS: Si vous avez des questions, ne hésitez pas de demander!
Since some of those have been waiting almost a week to be posted, well there's a "Follow" post anyway.

But first off: Does anyone made some experience with habitforge?

There is [syndicated profile] hapabento_feed for more bentos yet. And [personal profile] kake pointed out [syndicated profile] hungry_tiger_feed to me.

[personal profile] yvi asks how you use DW in a poll: http://yvi.dreamwidth.org/134597.html.

J'ai ajouté des feeds cette semaine, premièrement celui d'Aujourd'hui le Japon [syndicated profile] aujourdhuilejapon_feed et ensuite plus par curiosité aussi la version pour la Corée: [syndicated profile] aujourdhuilacoree_feed.
Kioko est un supermarché japonais à Paris, qui -je le découvre- fait aussi des petits évènements! Donc, nouveau feed: [syndicated profile] kiokoparis_feed.
martyna: one of my pyjamas and a hair brush (getting ready)
...que les gâteaux que j'ai fait étaient bons pas mauvais. Personnellement je les ai trouvé un peu lourds, mais c'est peut-être que dans cette recette on prévoit 12 et non seulement 6 gâteaux. Pour la même raison la cuisson était quelques minutes plus longue que les 12 minutes de la recette. Pour les coupeaux de chocolat, on peut râper un peu d'une tablette non-terminée (c'est ce que j'ai fait). (Puis, pour les mesures de la farine... ne pas s'inquiéter si ça passe un peu au pif-o-mètre...) Ah, et puis j'ai utilisé un plateaux-moules en silicone (?), donc pas de papier, pas de beurre... ça se détache sans soucis.
Peut-être j'en referais demain, une copine a son anniversaire le dimanche, ensuite les vacances et on ne se reverra pas après (et ce vendredi qu'à la va-vite). Ca ferait peut-être une jolie surprise. (Et dans ce cas-là je ferai sûrement un post avec des photos, la dernière fois je n'ai pas mis de carte SD dans l'appareil photo... d'oh!)
Sinon, est-ce que vous avez des recettes plutôt simples, pour muffins ou gâteaux similaires (sans qu'il faut battre des œufs!), que vous aimez et voudriez bien partager avec moi?

If anyone wants me to translate the recipe, go ahead and ask, I'll do so.

Übrigens, ich hatte mal von wem eine Anleitung für AMERIKANER, hat die wer von euch? Die war ganz simpel und ich hatte Spass dran... ansonsten suche ich mir eine irgendwo, aber die die ich hatte war irgendwie toll. ^____^'
Hätte ich doch fast vergessen euch davon zu berichten! arte hat im Moment sehr viele Japan-bezogene Themenabende und ähnliches. Letzten Moment waren es vor allem Samuraifilme, diesen Monat gibt's eine Hommage an Miyazaki. Chihiro ist leider schon ausgestrahlt worden, aber heute Abend gibt es Totoro, sowie eine Dokumentation zu Ghibli/Miyazaki. Ihr könnt das Miyazaki-spezifische Programm hier auf arte.tv einsehen und findet dort auch zusätzliche Infos.

Alors, j'ai presque oublié d'en parler, mais arte a en ce moment beaucoup des diffusions thématiques et après les samurais le mois dernier, ce mois est dédié à Miyazaki, dont plusieurs œuvres seront diffusés d'après ce programme. Malheureusement pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas, Chihiro est déjà passé lundi, mais aujourd'hui ils enchaînent avec Totoro et une documentation. A vous la télécommande!


Apr. 4th, 2010 09:49 pm
martyna: Totoro Plushies in front of netbook (totoros)
I've seen Dragons (or:How To Train Your Dragon) today. Is it weird if I cried at last during half an hour of the film? I will not spoiler you, but it's a touching film, even though nothing that digs deeper - at least not in me. If anyone wants to discuss it, feel free to do so. (I will not join but there is also [community profile] dragondome for the fans of this film.)

Have you noticed it? This is my first icon on Dreamwidth! Wanting to surf and revise with anki in bed last night a bit more, I asked Matt to take my netbook there. When I arrived there I found the entire Totoro-family in front of it reading the wikipedia article on "Mon voisin Totoro" (隣のトトロ, My Neigbor Totoro). Thus I snapped a picture of proof they are not only to find in forests, but know to work with modern technology... and transformed it into an icon. Voilà.
Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. (Whom am I quoting?)
You can follow all recommendations on http://www.dreamwidth.org/latest?feed=followfriday

I'm posting this before looking myself at the Follow Friday-feed and knowing this will take some time as it should be a longer entry, I'm just pushing away the thought of all the homework that wants to be done today. (I've also some TMI to share -maybe- in a later entry. It has nothing to do with it, but you gals might be interested in whining about [community profile] menstruation from time to time.)
Let's face it: there are many interesting communities out there and luckily there are not all hyper-active or I'd be flooded by my reading list!

まず、let's start with a freshly created community that actually is important to me. It's name, [community profile] a_paris, speaks for itself. I know some of you out there are interested what's going on in Paris, so don't leave me alone and venez [community profile] a_paris! (For my friends: Yes, this is a literal invitation. It's been some time since I've seen most of you!)

I've also a special recommendation for [personal profile] schattenstern which comes second in this list: [community profile] newgameplus (No, I'm not following it, it's just for you!)

There's also a 2nd add-on to my last Follow Friday-post: After [community profile] harrypotter and [community profile] daily_snitch I stumbled upon [community profile] harrylovesdraco. (By the way, have a fic: Angelina has a night out with her friends, and it is fun (mostly)[Gen, G] by [personal profile] kumquatix ) Have I talked yet about [profile] hp_fanfiction? No?

Most of you know this community from some of my previous (personal) entries already, but let's not forget about [community profile] bookcrossing as bookcrossing is one of my favourite past-times after all. (Which reminds me I should go back and write a new entry on hobbies, since I actually remembered something and only need to find out how to fit it again into my life. But that's not to be discussed in this highly official entry. *pouts* Although I could point to it by promoting [community profile] hoerbuecher.)

So, let's get to the core. (What, you have thought this wouldn't actually get long and I'd be finishing to babble by now?)
Since yesterday was the first day of procrastination and today is yesterday's tomorrow, we should all get ready to pick up our to-do-lists again and... [community profile] do_it. (I have done my share yesterday. *pulls a snobby face*)

Most of you know about my love for languages (and my absolute failing to get rules stuck in my head) and I've already talked to you about how much fun the Language Learner's Forum is. It really helps me to get a grip on myself and work on my languages -all of them-, but also reconsider my learning techniques once in a while, try out new ones and improve my learning experience. I've found during the past days some communities on dreamwidth too, let's see what they can give:
I'm not a linguist (and don't think I ever want to be), but [community profile] linguaphiles is open to everyone interested in languages as its name suggests and I am curious about what discussions we might witness there. The concept of [community profile] languageclub is really nice, though it may get spam-loaden when the number of members starts to grow. Haven't written my presentation yet, probably someone should prompt me to do so. At some point. (Is it yet again Procrastination Day?)
Japanese-wise we have...
.[community profile] jmedia's name says it all, doesn't it?
.Handy and helpful [community profile] nihongo has already been good support for stressed me.
.I'm not sure of its legality, but [community profile] jmusic gives at least inspiration of what different Japanese music one can listen to - and you knwo immersion is win, right? And while talking about immersion [community profile] asiandramas might be an inspiration for series, too, though the profile doesn't say anything about its target.

I'll try to make next week a point on (fan)fiction-related communities and my feeds, as time flies by like a mosquito, maybe I'll include all the other random interesting communities, too, depending on time and money and entry length.
Feel free to comment, if you have something, or anything, really, to say.



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