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We went back to the library today and I got a book called "Les gyms du bien-être". Including something on yoga. The introduction was so... spiritual that the book was almost dropped right away, so I put in the DVD to see the 12 minutes of yoga class. Not interesting at all, not explained (probably because they expected one to read the book before), thus I stopped at some point and changed to check out my first YOGAmazing video. Neck and shoulders work-out. Granted, the guy is not my type, his voice isn't steadily recorded and the way he speaks... however, I enjoyed those 18 minutes far more than the "professional" presentation on the lent DVD. I guess it will go back as soon as possible to the library. Maybe I'll give it a another chance tomorrow.
There's a second book, "Le Yoga", but sadly without a DVD. We'll see what it gives.


Aug. 11th, 2010 10:51 am
martyna: Matt's and my inline-skates (sport)
I didn't do any exercises yesterday, but today it was Complete Beginner's Guide - Awakening Practice. (No running today for various reasons.) The rhythm was weird, I felt parts of it were way too rapidly explained and others a bit long, but the sitting exercises were nice.
Now, let's get some other stuff done. :)
martyna: Matt's and my inline-skates (sport)
I wasn't impressed with Yogatic's Yoga for Beginners. Part of it might be for the different environment I did it in today, but I missed the "breath in/out" parts that were so prominent in the other courses and it felt like hurrying through the exercises at times. ("See, that's it. Hope you got it, next one now.") I do not feel as if I did any exercises, really. I won't do anything else now, but maybe if I find the time later...
...with the "Yoga for Dummies" Sun Salutation exercises.
martyna: Matt's and my inline-skates (sport)
I did the "Yoga for Dummies" videos. I can't say either, that I liked or disliked them, I guess I'll need to do some more asanas to see if it's worth to continue for me. My main apprehension is the lack of oxygen I feel after some time and thus I rather felt tired than energised at the end. Breathing problem again, huh? We'll see.



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