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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial

I don't think I have anything for you though.
Oh, I have!

[community profile] bakeitup had a nice HelloKitty icecream - I need a HelloKitty or similarly cute cake mold!

In other news I did a little bento for M. last night, but apparently he is going to eat with some superiors in a restaurant today. (=___=) He said he might eat it tomorrow, but by then the rice will go dry, probably. He decided the package looked nice, though, but had no time this morning to check inside. (Photo might follow, I have it done.) Of course, him being out last night was part of the "Surprise! Bento!" thing, so I wasn't going to ask him if par hasard he had some meeting today for lunch. Disappointment. But last night's episode of Bones was hilarious!
Somehow having a lot to do today doesn't make me do it. I should get some exercises done, clean up at least the living room and kitchen for tonight's family reunion and do some more kanji. (Because I actually did some kanjiboxing this morning!) Oh, good news: I subscribed to the local library and they have a whole room of material for language learning! I just realised two seconds ago, they may have also some yoga related items, but that might fall under the paying tariff for videos and non-book-related CDs. Thus I link you to [community profile] a_paris! :P

PS: I also have a weird craving for fanfiction. Help!?
Inspired by and for the "I Love Robots!" Kawaii Bento Contest.
(Honestly, what other robots apart those from WALL・E could I love? The only other I like is Battle Angel Alita!)

Bento Nr. 2 by ~Anytram on deviantART

So we have in the background some macaroni mixed with tomato, red bell paper and a bit onion. You have a roquette leaf as a tree next to a flying egg, erm, Eve (and she's actually done with 2 eggs, nori and a little bit of balsamic vinegar to emphasize the cut between the head and the body). The script is nori paper, the last letter is egg on bell pepper, all of it on a sheet of onion skin.

It was fun, even if Matt scrutinized me with that little "What the heck" look. When he closed the box, Eve had a little oil problem... (The egg wasn't cooked completely hard.)
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Last night I prepared my first "real" bentôs.
Basically I didn't do what I had planned, since I had completely forgotten about Saturday being 1.May and thus a holiday. No grocery shopping! We went out grab some groceries on Sunday, but well, neither the supermarket and the products there a favourite nor are the prices.

bentomt o3.Mai.2010In the end I still did the potato salad (I craved for one for a couple of days already), though a very simple one (potatoes, peas, champignons de Paris, cornichons, mayo, ...), Matt getting some tuna, too. (On the right.) In the second box he had apple-bunnies, tuna onigiri and a couple of tuna maki from the rests. He was a bit resilient about the whole potato salad idea, but he seems to have enjoyed it anyway. ♥ (I admit that I was afraid that the weather would be hot and sunny and the whole salad would turn into a disaster, but luckily it was a cold, rainy day until now.)

My box contained almost the same plates. I put my apple-bunnies onto my potato salad (too bad we had no eggs) and my little box contained 3 cheese-tomato-sticks (since he doesn't like tomato, Matt hadn't those, but he had the additional maki) and an onigiri. Yumm.
bentomy o3.Mai.2010

PS: Did I mention that the home-made lion-bars are pure indulgence? Though I changed the recipe and will adapt it some more next time.



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