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Dessin fait pendant un cours hier... inspiration? Je n'en sais rien.

Note: There's a little Blümchen not so happy in it.
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I absolutely need to reread my own fanfictions (and the HP books) about him and gather everything somewhere. I don't know why, but Draco's just sexy. Hot stuff. Irresistible. I'm still obsessed with this character, even though I have felt he wasn't well portrayed in "Half-Blood Prince" which we finally watched a couple of days ago.
What? This is a digression? Hu? Let it be, let it be.

PS: Hierarchical tags ♥!
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I've been looking around dreamwidth as well as googling, but I cannot find a way to turn this blog into a feed to add it to my reading list. Since some of you have tried out blogspot in the the past: Does anyone know a work-around?
[syndicated profile] kiokoparis_feed
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Surprise this morning: I have one month of Paid Account! Thank you to whoever gave it to me.
Maybe it was just a random assignment, but I do feel touched and will check out all the nifty features.
(Not having a credit card... isn't fun in such situations as the other options require being in the US as far as I've understood.)
This was especially good news after the horrible night and the information that our flight is cancelled.
How come I haven't looked for them earlier on?
[community profile] bento and [community profile] bento_picnic are obviously both for bentos. That's the bright side! On the other side we find two communities with barely any entries or none at all and when I checked on the administrators neither the one nor the other seemed to have posted within the last 6 months on their dreamwidth journal. I have considered dropping both of them a message, but wonder how appropriate that would be.
Thus, none of the communities developed and none with challenges or recipes or How-to's. Too bad.

Also: [syndicated profile] wagashimaniac_feed


Apr. 14th, 2010 01:01 pm
So I'm coming down with a cold. Thanks to Matt. What doesn't one share with love? *sighs exaggeratedly*
Seeing all the suggestions on how to improve or unbug dreamwidth makes me want to pick up programming again. (Well, I have never done more than some HTML, a bit of CSS and javascript, but you surely know what I mean.) I wouldn't really know with what and where to start this, but my priority is elsewhere for the time being anyway. But my fingers are itching to do something in this direction. Part of this might be that I do not feel really "useful" these days.
Oh, and I found a dojo not far from here, which proposes karate (and judo, ju-jutsu, self-defence), but neither do I know what style they do nor what the prices, times and conditions are. (They had a class going on and I didn't want to interrupt.)

I still hope to convince Matt at some point that swimming would do some good to both of us.
but I've a new one. (Actually while the preview SHOWS the sidebar you have to choose it specifically, too.)
Some tags I added to [community profile] a_paris don't want to be with a capital letter and I cannot rename them accordingly either. (paris:1er & paris.) Which messes up the whole hierarchical list.
I don't understand why. Maybe I'm just too tired? That might be just it.


Apr. 10th, 2010 10:47 pm
I've changed my layout to one of the Tabula Rasa-ones and now the profile-information is at the END all down the page. (So it is all messed up, at least on my screen. How about you?) Plus the hierarchical tags I changed for don't seem to work. (Or do I need to change ALL for hierarchical? I did it only for languages so far.)

I'm such a newb. *laughs* But it's a good thing to discover dreamwidth further and further.
I have no idea what this post will be about. I feel too tired to look through my subscriptions and the last Follow-Friday posts to see what I haven't yet posted about. So I'll be only talking about some stuff from elsewhere and the two or three Dreamwidth-items that cross my mind, if you don't mind too much. But could someone PLEASE stop these people who are striking down the street everyday for more than a week now? Today their volume has increased once again, though I still do not know why they do strike. I'm fed up with it. At least they don't go on like this 24/24h 7 days a week.

It seems that censorship becomes more and more common and accepted. Not only on the internet, but elsewhere controlling seems to have a new rise. When seeing how easily people agree to the Fullbody-Scanner on airports, I do wonder. (Especially since I do have a little insight on how airports and flight companies work.)

I've joined [community profile] elfquest today, but as this is one of the first fandoms I ever was involved with, it has lost some of its magic in time. Wait and see. I also added [community profile] gimp_gate as Matt took it up since after the last crash of one of the computers we were left stranded without any picture editing program and we needed something. (If you have any nice tutorials, I'd happily play around with GIMP a bit.)
While we're at tutorials - if you know any good once on photography/podficcing/audacity, they surely are welcome! I subscribed to some communities dealing with those topics, but as my friendslist often comes up with mysterious links which lead to wonderful discoveries... erm, let's get back to where I've been.
The thing is, I absolutely don't know what other community I wanted to pimp only a moment ago.
However, come to think of it, someone told me recently about a site which gives a year-long challenge for photography, taking a picture a day or something similar - anyone heard about this? Can you join at any time during the year? Do you need to upload daily? Where is it?

What you absolutely should know about this Firefox add-on which permits you to dowload from youtube. Isn't that interesting?

...and so we all might start some more discussing and get to know each other a little more, a meme! (Yes, it's been a long time, hasn't it?) If you like, take it, if don't... well, no one will force you.
Copy the list and replace the authors you don't have on your bookshelf don't like with some you have do appreciate instead.
(A meme I found in my LJ and adapted... I tried to take those from recent reads.)

I've tried to pick out more or recently read authors I enjoyed, so except the Coulter I have but read one book by them.
o1. Phillipa Gregory (The Constant Princess)
o2. Kay Meyer (Die fliessende Königin)
o3. Samit Basu (Der letzte Held)
o4. Lian Hearn (Le Clan des Otori)
o5. Catherine Coulter

PS: Does anyone know if the 'my guest'-option recently introduced to LJ has made its way to Dreamwidth? (And how about creating a feature of public entries friends-locking automatically after a given period?)
PS2: Is there anything -as random as it might be- you want me to post about or tell you?
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Another new "icon", this time you can have a look at Matt and my inline-skates. Nothing special, just putting up new icons to suit my moods and topics. ♥

Thanks to [personal profile] torachan I might find a way into the Japanese Harry Potter fandom - rejoice!


Apr. 4th, 2010 09:49 pm
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I've seen Dragons (or:How To Train Your Dragon) today. Is it weird if I cried at last during half an hour of the film? I will not spoiler you, but it's a touching film, even though nothing that digs deeper - at least not in me. If anyone wants to discuss it, feel free to do so. (I will not join but there is also [community profile] dragondome for the fans of this film.)

Have you noticed it? This is my first icon on Dreamwidth! Wanting to surf and revise with anki in bed last night a bit more, I asked Matt to take my netbook there. When I arrived there I found the entire Totoro-family in front of it reading the wikipedia article on "Mon voisin Totoro" (隣のトトロ, My Neigbor Totoro). Thus I snapped a picture of proof they are not only to find in forests, but know to work with modern technology... and transformed it into an icon. Voilà.
Is it me or is there neither on the Icon Upload page nor in the FAQ anything that says what is the max size for an icon?
Danke, [personal profile] ivy!
Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. (Whom am I quoting?)
You can follow all recommendations on

I'm posting this before looking myself at the Follow Friday-feed and knowing this will take some time as it should be a longer entry, I'm just pushing away the thought of all the homework that wants to be done today. (I've also some TMI to share -maybe- in a later entry. It has nothing to do with it, but you gals might be interested in whining about [community profile] menstruation from time to time.)
Let's face it: there are many interesting communities out there and luckily there are not all hyper-active or I'd be flooded by my reading list!

まず、let's start with a freshly created community that actually is important to me. It's name, [community profile] a_paris, speaks for itself. I know some of you out there are interested what's going on in Paris, so don't leave me alone and venez [community profile] a_paris! (For my friends: Yes, this is a literal invitation. It's been some time since I've seen most of you!)

I've also a special recommendation for [personal profile] schattenstern which comes second in this list: [community profile] newgameplus (No, I'm not following it, it's just for you!)

There's also a 2nd add-on to my last Follow Friday-post: After [community profile] harrypotter and [community profile] daily_snitch I stumbled upon [community profile] harrylovesdraco. (By the way, have a fic: Angelina has a night out with her friends, and it is fun (mostly)[Gen, G] by [personal profile] kumquatix ) Have I talked yet about [profile] hp_fanfiction? No?

Most of you know this community from some of my previous (personal) entries already, but let's not forget about [community profile] bookcrossing as bookcrossing is one of my favourite past-times after all. (Which reminds me I should go back and write a new entry on hobbies, since I actually remembered something and only need to find out how to fit it again into my life. But that's not to be discussed in this highly official entry. *pouts* Although I could point to it by promoting [community profile] hoerbuecher.)

So, let's get to the core. (What, you have thought this wouldn't actually get long and I'd be finishing to babble by now?)
Since yesterday was the first day of procrastination and today is yesterday's tomorrow, we should all get ready to pick up our to-do-lists again and... [community profile] do_it. (I have done my share yesterday. *pulls a snobby face*)

Most of you know about my love for languages (and my absolute failing to get rules stuck in my head) and I've already talked to you about how much fun the Language Learner's Forum is. It really helps me to get a grip on myself and work on my languages -all of them-, but also reconsider my learning techniques once in a while, try out new ones and improve my learning experience. I've found during the past days some communities on dreamwidth too, let's see what they can give:
I'm not a linguist (and don't think I ever want to be), but [community profile] linguaphiles is open to everyone interested in languages as its name suggests and I am curious about what discussions we might witness there. The concept of [community profile] languageclub is really nice, though it may get spam-loaden when the number of members starts to grow. Haven't written my presentation yet, probably someone should prompt me to do so. At some point. (Is it yet again Procrastination Day?)
Japanese-wise we have...
.[community profile] jmedia's name says it all, doesn't it?
.Handy and helpful [community profile] nihongo has already been good support for stressed me.
.I'm not sure of its legality, but [community profile] jmusic gives at least inspiration of what different Japanese music one can listen to - and you knwo immersion is win, right? And while talking about immersion [community profile] asiandramas might be an inspiration for series, too, though the profile doesn't say anything about its target.

I'll try to make next week a point on (fan)fiction-related communities and my feeds, as time flies by like a mosquito, maybe I'll include all the other random interesting communities, too, depending on time and money and entry length.
Feel free to comment, if you have something, or anything, really, to say.
As I've been talking about [community profile] harrypotter in my Follow Friday post, I wouldn't like you to miss the [community profile] daily_snitch either, which I only discovered now.

By the way, does someone know some nice Japanese drabbles and fics?
Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read.
You can follow all recommendations on

So for a start, I'd like to recommend to all of you [community profile] create_my_comm, where you can request that someone creates the community you'd love to participate in (which you don't want to be the moderator of), but isn't created yet.
Hand in hand with this community goes [site community profile] dw_community_promo where one can learn about communities or promote one's own.
As for something that might interest all of you (if you haven't lost your interest in it yet): [community profile] harrypotter.
The community is virtually dead (one post in 2009 and nothing else), but I'm sure all of you have ideas and links to share over there.
Come and join The Giant non-fandom Subscribing Meme over at [personal profile] liv's journal.

"If you are involved in fandom, you're extremely welcome to participate. Perhaps you'd like to meet someone who shares some of your less fannish interests. Or you are welcome to go and join in some of the more explicitly fandom-related activities going on instead."