martyna: Matt's and my inline-skates (sport)
We went back to the library today and I got a book called "Les gyms du bien-être". Including something on yoga. The introduction was so... spiritual that the book was almost dropped right away, so I put in the DVD to see the 12 minutes of yoga class. Not interesting at all, not explained (probably because they expected one to read the book before), thus I stopped at some point and changed to check out my first YOGAmazing video. Neck and shoulders work-out. Granted, the guy is not my type, his voice isn't steadily recorded and the way he speaks... however, I enjoyed those 18 minutes far more than the "professional" presentation on the lent DVD. I guess it will go back as soon as possible to the library. Maybe I'll give it a another chance tomorrow.
There's a second book, "Le Yoga", but sadly without a DVD. We'll see what it gives.


Aug. 11th, 2010 10:51 am
martyna: Matt's and my inline-skates (sport)
I didn't do any exercises yesterday, but today it was Complete Beginner's Guide - Awakening Practice. (No running today for various reasons.) The rhythm was weird, I felt parts of it were way too rapidly explained and others a bit long, but the sitting exercises were nice.
Now, let's get some other stuff done. :)

I'm hot

Aug. 2nd, 2010 10:32 am
martyna: Matt's and my inline-skates (sport)
...from doing the GymD, thanks to [ profile] fuyu_tokyo. I chose the most recent class, which was sort of a dance class. The first choreography was still okay, but the second part... too fast, too much coordination and I'm not (yet) good enough with that. Also, I didn't have quite the space, being afraid the TV would suffer if I did all of it as enthusiastically as they showed it. So I skipped about 15 minutes, just kept doing the basic steps while they finished their choreography. Anyway, I was already all sweat after 10 minutes, so skipping 15 minutes out of an hour doesn't feel such a big deal.
I guess that's the big difference compared to yoga: I actually feel making a real effort, and in some way, that's good to.


Apr. 14th, 2010 01:01 pm
So I'm coming down with a cold. Thanks to Matt. What doesn't one share with love? *sighs exaggeratedly*
Seeing all the suggestions on how to improve or unbug dreamwidth makes me want to pick up programming again. (Well, I have never done more than some HTML, a bit of CSS and javascript, but you surely know what I mean.) I wouldn't really know with what and where to start this, but my priority is elsewhere for the time being anyway. But my fingers are itching to do something in this direction. Part of this might be that I do not feel really "useful" these days.
Oh, and I found a dojo not far from here, which proposes karate (and judo, ju-jutsu, self-defence), but neither do I know what style they do nor what the prices, times and conditions are. (They had a class going on and I didn't want to interrupt.)

I still hope to convince Matt at some point that swimming would do some good to both of us.



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