I have no idea what this post will be about. I feel too tired to look through my subscriptions and the last Follow-Friday posts to see what I haven't yet posted about. So I'll be only talking about some stuff from elsewhere and the two or three Dreamwidth-items that cross my mind, if you don't mind too much. But could someone PLEASE stop these people who are striking down the street everyday for more than a week now? Today their volume has increased once again, though I still do not know why they do strike. I'm fed up with it. At least they don't go on like this 24/24h 7 days a week.

It seems that censorship becomes more and more common and accepted. Not only on the internet, but elsewhere controlling seems to have a new rise. When seeing how easily people agree to the Fullbody-Scanner on airports, I do wonder. (Especially since I do have a little insight on how airports and flight companies work.)

I've joined [community profile] elfquest today, but as this is one of the first fandoms I ever was involved with, it has lost some of its magic in time. Wait and see. I also added [community profile] gimp_gate as Matt took it up since after the last crash of one of the computers we were left stranded without any picture editing program and we needed something. (If you have any nice tutorials, I'd happily play around with GIMP a bit.)
While we're at tutorials - if you know any good once on photography/podficcing/audacity, they surely are welcome! I subscribed to some communities dealing with those topics, but as my friendslist often comes up with mysterious links which lead to wonderful discoveries... erm, let's get back to where I've been.
The thing is, I absolutely don't know what other community I wanted to pimp only a moment ago.
However, come to think of it, someone told me recently about a site which gives a year-long challenge for photography, taking a picture a day or something similar - anyone heard about this? Can you join at any time during the year? Do you need to upload daily? Where is it?

What you absolutely should know about this Firefox add-on which permits you to dowload from youtube. Isn't that interesting?

...and so we all might start some more discussing and get to know each other a little more, a meme! (Yes, it's been a long time, hasn't it?) If you like, take it, if don't... well, no one will force you.
Copy the list and replace the authors you don't have on your bookshelf don't like with some you have do appreciate instead.
(A meme I found in my LJ and adapted... I tried to take those from recent reads.)

I've tried to pick out more or recently read authors I enjoyed, so except the Coulter I have but read one book by them.
o1. Phillipa Gregory (The Constant Princess)
o2. Kay Meyer (Die fliessende Königin)
o3. Samit Basu (Der letzte Held)
o4. Lian Hearn (Le Clan des Otori)
o5. Catherine Coulter

PS: Does anyone know if the 'my guest'-option recently introduced to LJ has made its way to Dreamwidth? (And how about creating a feature of public entries friends-locking automatically after a given period?)
PS2: Is there anything -as random as it might be- you want me to post about or tell you?



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