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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial
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Randomness, wade your way through it:
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Asian Interest Community Roundup by [personal profile] mickeylover303
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If I wait another week, the list will just grow and I am not sure to have the time to post next Friday either. So have it now:
Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial
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Beauty, Cosmetics & Co in feeds:
[syndicated profile] polychromatisch_feed
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[syndicated profile] snowfashion_feed
[syndicated profile] fashionfee_feed

Nail Polish and friends in feeds:
[syndicated profile] drfrankenpolish_feed
[syndicated profile] polishorperish_feed
[syndicated profile] alllacqueredup_feed
[syndicated profile] vampyvarnish_feed
[syndicated profile] lacquerized_feed
[syndicated profile] scrangie_feed

[community profile] travel_europe
[community profile] world_travel

Les Bons Plans à Paris:
[syndicated profile] lesbonsplans_feed

Some more random:
[community profile] buffy_ficcing - the name speaks for itself
[community profile] 3_good_things_a_day - List 3 things that made your day
[community profile] girlgay - (fan)fiction
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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial
You can read all Follow Friday-tagged entries on the latest page.

First off, I left this community, but maybe it is useful for others: [community profile] perl.
In other news [community profile] bento_picnic started to be slightly more active, which is just YAY! (Note to self: Remember to crosspost!)
Personally my involvement in [community profile] exercise_every_day will enlighten those of you who felt spammed by my sporty updates. That's it community-wise.

But I importated a couple (=too many) of feeds during the last week to Dreamwidth:
[syndicated profile] jlistnew_feed: For the J-List shop. Beware of all the kinky items. I should probably check for a no-"adult"-items feed.
[syndicated profile] lenouveaujaponoblog_feed: En français, une copine partie pour une année étudier au Japon. Jalousie!
[syndicated profile] monbento_feed: Un blog sur... eh oui, bentô.
[syndicated profile] mademoisellem_feed: encore un deuxième!

...und weil man irgendwann auch Frau werden will: ;)
[syndicated profile] innenundaussen_feed: Make-Up-Tests und Kommentare (Danke [personal profile] billie!)
[syndicated profile] pinkpueppi_feed: Ähnlich wie Innen&Aussen

Last but not least:
[syndicated profile] wyborczakraj_feed: Wiadomosci krajowe Gazety Wyborczej!

On another hand I was SO surprised to discover the Amazon Universal Wish List - to be able to add with one click items from other sites makes it so much easier to remember what one wanted to buy. At some point. Maybe. If there is some money left. You get the idea. :) (The only thing that bothers me slightly, that the last name doesn't seem to be hidden. Anyone knows about it or wants to check it for me?)
If you want to share your list, go ahead! (All comments will be screened!) Is there any wishlist-sharing community on Dreamwidth, by the way? Not that my reading list will probably cut a lot, when uni starts again, but... in the meanwhile?
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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial

I don't think I have anything for you though.
Oh, I have!

[community profile] bakeitup had a nice HelloKitty icecream - I need a HelloKitty or similarly cute cake mold!

In other news I did a little bento for M. last night, but apparently he is going to eat with some superiors in a restaurant today. (=___=) He said he might eat it tomorrow, but by then the rice will go dry, probably. He decided the package looked nice, though, but had no time this morning to check inside. (Photo might follow, I have it done.) Of course, him being out last night was part of the "Surprise! Bento!" thing, so I wasn't going to ask him if par hasard he had some meeting today for lunch. Disappointment. But last night's episode of Bones was hilarious!
Somehow having a lot to do today doesn't make me do it. I should get some exercises done, clean up at least the living room and kitchen for tonight's family reunion and do some more kanji. (Because I actually did some kanjiboxing this morning!) Oh, good news: I subscribed to the local library and they have a whole room of material for language learning! I just realised two seconds ago, they may have also some yoga related items, but that might fall under the paying tariff for videos and non-book-related CDs. Thus I link you to [community profile] a_paris! :P

PS: I also have a weird craving for fanfiction. Help!?
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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth.

There's [syndicated profile] watchtheguild_feed! But I guess I might have already told you about that one?

Ich habe mich jetzt für einen Amazon-Gutschein entschlossen, damit ich sicher bin, dass ich die Sachen auch herbekommen könnte:

Mal sehen wann ich aufgebe. ;) (Aber die Seite bietet gute Zeitverschwendung, wenn man krank ist. Ernsthaft.)
I follow you, dear circle, but I'm generally to engrossed in revisions to post and don't even notice the days going past. I feel unprepared for the upcoming week. It makes me want to cry out loud. Doesn't help to be ill (but yay, haven't been for quite some time!), have been stuck for the past days.

Before I start on my recommendations, does anyone know how to prepare honey lemon slices? I've seen them in HanaKimi (the manga) and it really grabbed my interest.

[syndicated profile] tofugu_feed - migrated on my circle from my LJ friendslist. Japanese learning ideas.
[syndicated profile] inalcojapon_feed - an information feed for our department at uni. Big, positive, surprise.

Fanfiction is [personal profile] lokifan's again: Hi, Malfoy and Trapped.

...and now one of the internet highlights from the past week: Hipp♥ Squee!
[personal profile] sharpest_asp asked last week -but after I had already posted: Tell me what comm or journal on Dreamwidth gets you motivated, makes you smile, hypes up your life, anything that makes it an integral part of your Dreamwidth day!
I don't think there's anyone of my circle who posts every day. Instead have a feed: [syndicated profile] zooborns_feed where I don't even read, the images are plenty enough and soooo cute! Hope they will have some baby sharks at some point. :D

Draco, Pure Blood (Photo, dA)

Wanted to show you something else, but it seems the link changed... too bad!
Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people, communities, feeds or just interesting journal entries on dreamwidth.

In random order.

Through one of my communities I found "Office Politics", a Death Note fanfiction. (Read the warnings!) Through the same or maybe another: "Draw a Bath" by Nan (Fandom: Demon Diary).

Items I subscribed to: [community profile] green_living, [syndicated profile] post_secret_feed (By the way, the French post secret wants more input!), [site community profile] dw_codesharing and [syndicated profile] globalvoices_jp_feed.
Finally joined the [syndicated profile] kawaii_not_feed here, one less to follow on LJ. :)

Also got active in [community profile] do_it - it was time!

Using the network reading list as long as I can, because my month of dreamwidth will expire more or less punctually for my exams, so in a way this is good.
Omnomnomnom: [syndicated profile] lunchinabox_feed

[community profile] a_paris on Paris, France and [community profile] polska on Poland do want more participation. Don't be afraid if you communicate only in English - as much as I personally love languages and to promote their use on dreamwidth I am aware that not everyone has the same interests. You can post in English or if you prefer German, Polish, French or Japanese - just join us and post! (Also, if you don't know much about those places, don't worry - that's what the communities are there for!)
[personal profile] yvi asked about...

What have been your favourite communities on Dreamwidth since being here?
[community profile] create_my_comm has been one of the more interesting ones, no matter what it was about. There are some communities which prompt me to do more in the time I have, so basically this is good, like [community profile] do_it and the cooking & baking communities I talked about in my previous Follow Friday posts.

What communities have you been most active in?
Recently I have posted to [community profile] shutterspeed, but where I'm most active are probably [community profile] polska and [community profile] a_paris simply because there still new and my own communities.

Which do you hope will finally get active?
Since I know that [community profile] a_paris will surely make it to a big number at some point, I wonder more about the little interest in [community profile] polska, the community about Poland - for Polish and non-polish, no matter the language you communicate in. Also, another community I'd like to see more active is [community profile] nihongo. No discussions in Japanese, no nothing. Basically I've the impression that dreamwidth is very, very English-dominated for the moment.

What are the most interesting personal journals in your circle? Who has made your reading place a happy/funny/thinky place?
[personal profile] resa is one of the person that just makes me beam with her achievements. It's just the way it is. But generally [personal profile] lir, [personal profile] schattenstern and some others do make me happy... or reading their entries. [personal profile] torachan makes me think, but sometimes it makes me feel very funny and out of place at times, too.

Well, I guess this is it for this week. *skittles off*
Since some of those have been waiting almost a week to be posted, well there's a "Follow" post anyway.

But first off: Does anyone made some experience with habitforge?

There is [syndicated profile] hapabento_feed for more bentos yet. And [personal profile] kake pointed out [syndicated profile] hungry_tiger_feed to me.

[personal profile] yvi asks how you use DW in a poll:

J'ai ajouté des feeds cette semaine, premièrement celui d'Aujourd'hui le Japon [syndicated profile] aujourdhuilejapon_feed et ensuite plus par curiosité aussi la version pour la Corée: [syndicated profile] aujourdhuilacoree_feed.
Kioko est un supermarché japonais à Paris, qui -je le découvre- fait aussi des petits évènements! Donc, nouveau feed: [syndicated profile] kiokoparis_feed.
How come I haven't looked for them earlier on?
[community profile] bento and [community profile] bento_picnic are obviously both for bentos. That's the bright side! On the other side we find two communities with barely any entries or none at all and when I checked on the administrators neither the one nor the other seemed to have posted within the last 6 months on their dreamwidth journal. I have considered dropping both of them a message, but wonder how appropriate that would be.
Thus, none of the communities developed and none with challenges or recipes or How-to's. Too bad.

Also: [syndicated profile] wagashimaniac_feed
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...erm, honestly, what about I do not know.
So I'll just see what communities I haven't yet talked about. Hm, food-related ones?

Some of you might now, for a couple of weeks now I starve for cooking. When it comes to cooking, I know nothing and the little I try is messed up. So I've been in a stroke to change this situation at least slightly and have done some easy meals (basically spaghetti with sauce with almost random ingredients) to warm up and even made Matt appreciate some of it (who doesn't like anything tomato-related, but then maybe he didn't appreciate the food, but just my effort to do it). I've done some "Gâteaux mousses au chocolat" which turned out quite delicious (in my opinion) and the people I shared them with seemed to enjoy them equally.
So for taking some further steps into the kitchen, I have subscribed to a heap of communities and feeds with the kitchen-theme, which makes me realise how many tools for the trade I lack. [personal profile] resa is not only a friend, but she's been also a great inspiration for this (renewed) interest of mine!
[community profile] boilingwater is for very basic cooking and you shouldn't be afraid to asks questions. I've seen several recipes so far that do stir my interest. (But I lack a mixing device.)
[syndicated profile] simplyrecipes_feed looks more like "standard" meals, but there seem to be some interesting ideas. [syndicated profile] just_hungry_feed is about food, too, but has lots of random talk in it - at least I do feel as if it isn't addressing me directly enough, so considering the amount of communities and feeds I've joined to check on them, this might be one that won't stay if I start combing through what needs to go. (On the other hand there are nifty explanations, for example on How to make onigiri.)
[community profile] thriftycooking has interesting discussions, but many of the topics don't apply for our household... (I couldn't make broth, we don't have a big enough pot.)
Now, [syndicated profile] happylittlebento_feed has a lot of... happy little bentos. Honestly they are so sweet to look at! The same goes for [syndicated profile] bentolicious_feed. [syndicated profile] bentobliss_feed has a lot of every-day-bentos, which doesn't make it look any less yummier.
[syndicated profile] adventures_bento_feed has not only a contest going on, but there are lots and lots of interesting, cute and intriguing bentos to be discovered. (I'm not a LOST-fan myself, but those might be particularly interested in the LOST-themed bentos.)
Und auf Deutsch: [syndicated profile] bentolunchblog_feed

I think that must have been the bulk. If you have any other communities or feeds in that direction to recommend, go ahead! And now: omnomnomnom!

You can follow all recommendations on
Nie moge uwierzyc.
Oto artikul Newsweeka polskiego.
Po tych wiadomsciach stworzylam [community profile] polska kilka minut temu.

Polish president in "plane crash" - no survivors?(BBC)
Edit: Due to these circumstances [community profile] polska was created as of now. Feel free to post in English and/or Polish.
I have no idea what this post will be about. I feel too tired to look through my subscriptions and the last Follow-Friday posts to see what I haven't yet posted about. So I'll be only talking about some stuff from elsewhere and the two or three Dreamwidth-items that cross my mind, if you don't mind too much. But could someone PLEASE stop these people who are striking down the street everyday for more than a week now? Today their volume has increased once again, though I still do not know why they do strike. I'm fed up with it. At least they don't go on like this 24/24h 7 days a week.

It seems that censorship becomes more and more common and accepted. Not only on the internet, but elsewhere controlling seems to have a new rise. When seeing how easily people agree to the Fullbody-Scanner on airports, I do wonder. (Especially since I do have a little insight on how airports and flight companies work.)

I've joined [community profile] elfquest today, but as this is one of the first fandoms I ever was involved with, it has lost some of its magic in time. Wait and see. I also added [community profile] gimp_gate as Matt took it up since after the last crash of one of the computers we were left stranded without any picture editing program and we needed something. (If you have any nice tutorials, I'd happily play around with GIMP a bit.)
While we're at tutorials - if you know any good once on photography/podficcing/audacity, they surely are welcome! I subscribed to some communities dealing with those topics, but as my friendslist often comes up with mysterious links which lead to wonderful discoveries... erm, let's get back to where I've been.
The thing is, I absolutely don't know what other community I wanted to pimp only a moment ago.
However, come to think of it, someone told me recently about a site which gives a year-long challenge for photography, taking a picture a day or something similar - anyone heard about this? Can you join at any time during the year? Do you need to upload daily? Where is it?

What you absolutely should know about this Firefox add-on which permits you to dowload from youtube. Isn't that interesting?

...and so we all might start some more discussing and get to know each other a little more, a meme! (Yes, it's been a long time, hasn't it?) If you like, take it, if don't... well, no one will force you.
Copy the list and replace the authors you don't have on your bookshelf don't like with some you have do appreciate instead.
(A meme I found in my LJ and adapted... I tried to take those from recent reads.)

I've tried to pick out more or recently read authors I enjoyed, so except the Coulter I have but read one book by them.
o1. Phillipa Gregory (The Constant Princess)
o2. Kay Meyer (Die fliessende Königin)
o3. Samit Basu (Der letzte Held)
o4. Lian Hearn (Le Clan des Otori)
o5. Catherine Coulter

PS: Does anyone know if the 'my guest'-option recently introduced to LJ has made its way to Dreamwidth? (And how about creating a feature of public entries friends-locking automatically after a given period?)
PS2: Is there anything -as random as it might be- you want me to post about or tell you?
What, you actually thought I have said all and everything there is to say and would do the second post for real? No WAY!

[syndicated profile] ajatt_feed is simply the feed to the All Japanese All The Time blog - and if you think it serves only for Japanese learners you're wrong! Whatever language you are studying, the blog talks about diverse methods for language acquisition and how to have fun all while learning.
The BBC "Spanish Phrase Of The Day" feed aka [syndicated profile] bbcpotdspanish_feed usually provides rather words than phrases, but is nevertheless a feed that makes me smile and that I do enjoy.
Another feed which is just for fun is [syndicated profile] sinfest_feed, a Sinfest comic-strip daily. You get to know the characters quite well after a short time.
[syndicated profile] bbc_news_asia_feed has everything in its name. But of course we need another source -the New York Times- for our Asian-centred news: [syndicated profile] ihtasia_feed.

[syndicated profile] thedailyyoji_feed is as well very Japan -and Japanese- centred. Many updates are about Grammar points from the JLPT 1kyû level or on idioms and their origin.

[syndicated profile] zichi_lorentz_feed is for the "Zichi's Artosphere" blog, which deals a lot with Japan, too.

The Kanji-A-Day-feeds don't properly update at the point being, but hopefully they get fixed quickly:
[syndicated profile] kanjiadaylevel1_feed
[syndicated profile] kanjiadaylevel2_feed
[syndicated profile] kanjiadaylevel3_feed
[syndicated profile] kanjiadaylevel4_feed

I will leave the fanfiction-related communities for another post, either during the week or for next Friday. I could go on talking, but there is some work to do. Life!
Before I forget it, two items of personal information.
1.) I'll be back in Buxte-town some time this month. Hopefully we'll also be able to do a break out to Hamburg, but nothing's planned as of yet. (You have time? You want to meet up? Email me.)
2.) [ profile] bf_nightingale is a gorgeous gal. You should all feed her cookies for enduring me on Wednesday nights. She makes me talk. Discuss things. It doesn't matter in which language or if we agree. (Homeless. Associations. Fanfiction. Where the heck is the Japanese H/D???)

So now we get to the existential part of this entry. ;)
You probably know by now how it works, so let's leave out the quote and get straight down on to it.

For [personal profile] farbenweberin and anyone else who likes those dragons there is [community profile] dragon_cave_on_dw.
Another community, this time for [personal profile] lir, is also about dragons: [community profile] dragondome.

Now, this will get a bit random now:

[personal profile] bravelioness has a super cute hamster, apparently thanks to [personal profile] haruka. Absolutely go look at it!

[personal profile] lokifan has written Power Plays (Harry/Draco, slightly darkfic, vampire!Draco). She has also some other fanfiction out there that might be worth looking into. (As far as I have seen mainly Harry Potter-centered)
Also, have a little Remus by [personal profile] theholysea.

For those of you who are interested in the whaling issue and Japan's viewpoint, this summary and comment of two books recently published on the subject proved to be quiet interesting. (Provided by my feeds, which I think I'll postpone to an entry later today.)

Thanks to the people at the Language Learner's Forum
Bao provided the link to this absolutely endearing video:

Someone else has also passed the link to the video of Asagohan: Japanese rendition of Beethoven's fifth symphony set in a restuarant.

Another video brought to my attention by [personal profile] la_vie_noire's entry on the Latest Things page:
Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. (Whom am I quoting?)
You can follow all recommendations on

I'm posting this before looking myself at the Follow Friday-feed and knowing this will take some time as it should be a longer entry, I'm just pushing away the thought of all the homework that wants to be done today. (I've also some TMI to share -maybe- in a later entry. It has nothing to do with it, but you gals might be interested in whining about [community profile] menstruation from time to time.)
Let's face it: there are many interesting communities out there and luckily there are not all hyper-active or I'd be flooded by my reading list!

まず、let's start with a freshly created community that actually is important to me. It's name, [community profile] a_paris, speaks for itself. I know some of you out there are interested what's going on in Paris, so don't leave me alone and venez [community profile] a_paris! (For my friends: Yes, this is a literal invitation. It's been some time since I've seen most of you!)

I've also a special recommendation for [personal profile] schattenstern which comes second in this list: [community profile] newgameplus (No, I'm not following it, it's just for you!)

There's also a 2nd add-on to my last Follow Friday-post: After [community profile] harrypotter and [community profile] daily_snitch I stumbled upon [community profile] harrylovesdraco. (By the way, have a fic: Angelina has a night out with her friends, and it is fun (mostly)[Gen, G] by [personal profile] kumquatix ) Have I talked yet about [profile] hp_fanfiction? No?

Most of you know this community from some of my previous (personal) entries already, but let's not forget about [community profile] bookcrossing as bookcrossing is one of my favourite past-times after all. (Which reminds me I should go back and write a new entry on hobbies, since I actually remembered something and only need to find out how to fit it again into my life. But that's not to be discussed in this highly official entry. *pouts* Although I could point to it by promoting [community profile] hoerbuecher.)

So, let's get to the core. (What, you have thought this wouldn't actually get long and I'd be finishing to babble by now?)
Since yesterday was the first day of procrastination and today is yesterday's tomorrow, we should all get ready to pick up our to-do-lists again and... [community profile] do_it. (I have done my share yesterday. *pulls a snobby face*)

Most of you know about my love for languages (and my absolute failing to get rules stuck in my head) and I've already talked to you about how much fun the Language Learner's Forum is. It really helps me to get a grip on myself and work on my languages -all of them-, but also reconsider my learning techniques once in a while, try out new ones and improve my learning experience. I've found during the past days some communities on dreamwidth too, let's see what they can give:
I'm not a linguist (and don't think I ever want to be), but [community profile] linguaphiles is open to everyone interested in languages as its name suggests and I am curious about what discussions we might witness there. The concept of [community profile] languageclub is really nice, though it may get spam-loaden when the number of members starts to grow. Haven't written my presentation yet, probably someone should prompt me to do so. At some point. (Is it yet again Procrastination Day?)
Japanese-wise we have...
.[community profile] jmedia's name says it all, doesn't it?
.Handy and helpful [community profile] nihongo has already been good support for stressed me.
.I'm not sure of its legality, but [community profile] jmusic gives at least inspiration of what different Japanese music one can listen to - and you knwo immersion is win, right? And while talking about immersion [community profile] asiandramas might be an inspiration for series, too, though the profile doesn't say anything about its target.

I'll try to make next week a point on (fan)fiction-related communities and my feeds, as time flies by like a mosquito, maybe I'll include all the other random interesting communities, too, depending on time and money and entry length.
Feel free to comment, if you have something, or anything, really, to say.
As I've been talking about [community profile] harrypotter in my Follow Friday post, I wouldn't like you to miss the [community profile] daily_snitch either, which I only discovered now.

By the way, does someone know some nice Japanese drabbles and fics?