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...erm, honestly, what about I do not know.
So I'll just see what communities I haven't yet talked about. Hm, food-related ones?

Some of you might now, for a couple of weeks now I starve for cooking. When it comes to cooking, I know nothing and the little I try is messed up. So I've been in a stroke to change this situation at least slightly and have done some easy meals (basically spaghetti with sauce with almost random ingredients) to warm up and even made Matt appreciate some of it (who doesn't like anything tomato-related, but then maybe he didn't appreciate the food, but just my effort to do it). I've done some "Gâteaux mousses au chocolat" which turned out quite delicious (in my opinion) and the people I shared them with seemed to enjoy them equally.
So for taking some further steps into the kitchen, I have subscribed to a heap of communities and feeds with the kitchen-theme, which makes me realise how many tools for the trade I lack. [personal profile] resa is not only a friend, but she's been also a great inspiration for this (renewed) interest of mine!
[community profile] boilingwater is for very basic cooking and you shouldn't be afraid to asks questions. I've seen several recipes so far that do stir my interest. (But I lack a mixing device.)
[syndicated profile] simplyrecipes_feed looks more like "standard" meals, but there seem to be some interesting ideas. [syndicated profile] just_hungry_feed is about food, too, but has lots of random talk in it - at least I do feel as if it isn't addressing me directly enough, so considering the amount of communities and feeds I've joined to check on them, this might be one that won't stay if I start combing through what needs to go. (On the other hand there are nifty explanations, for example on How to make onigiri.)
[community profile] thriftycooking has interesting discussions, but many of the topics don't apply for our household... (I couldn't make broth, we don't have a big enough pot.)
Now, [syndicated profile] happylittlebento_feed has a lot of... happy little bentos. Honestly they are so sweet to look at! The same goes for [syndicated profile] bentolicious_feed. [syndicated profile] bentobliss_feed has a lot of every-day-bentos, which doesn't make it look any less yummier.
[syndicated profile] adventures_bento_feed has not only a contest going on, but there are lots and lots of interesting, cute and intriguing bentos to be discovered. (I'm not a LOST-fan myself, but those might be particularly interested in the LOST-themed bentos.)
Und auf Deutsch: [syndicated profile] bentolunchblog_feed

I think that must have been the bulk. If you have any other communities or feeds in that direction to recommend, go ahead! And now: omnomnomnom!

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Date: 2010-04-16 09:39 pm (UTC)
resa: (Default)
From: [personal profile] resa
Go you for cooking (again)! And believe me - I started from the scratch as well two months ago. Pasta is always a good start. Do you like soup? Or maybe a casserole? They're easy to prepare and very tasty!

And a huge thank you for pointing me towards [syndicated profile] simplyrecipes_feed. Looks very promising! ♥

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Date: 2010-04-17 09:16 am (UTC)
resa: (hair: private)
From: [personal profile] resa
Was Küchenmaterial generell angeht, hab ich das meiste in ganz billig hier: mein Reiskocher, mein Rührgerät/Küchenmixer und meine Töpfe auch. Meine einzigen Luxusgeräte sind meine beschichtete Pfanne und mein Pürierstab, die beides Geschenke waren. ♥ Ansonsten... Ich hab wenig Geld und genauso wie du seh ich nicht ein, ohne viel Ahnung in teures Material zu investieren. Probieren möcht ich aber schon, also nehm ich halt erst mal etwas in Kauf, was nicht für die Ewigkeit hält. Und meine aktuellen Reisskillz hab ich mit meinem billigen Reiskocher bekommen. ;)

Meine Onigiri mache ich tatsächlich per Hand, ohne Folie. (Ich habe zwar Onigiriformer, die fürs Bento und darum sehr klein sind, aber den Trick mit denen hab ich noch nicht ganz raus. *g*) Wenn man nasse Hände hat und sie ordentlich mit Salz bestreut, sollte es weder mit dem klebrigen Reis noch mit Bakterien ein Problem geben.

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Date: 2010-04-23 02:16 pm (UTC)
kake: The word "kake" written in white fixed-font on a black background. (Default)
From: [personal profile] kake
Hello! Here via the Follow Friday feed... you've inspired me to create a feed for one of my favourite foodblogs, The Hungry Tiger. It's not frequently updated, but I love both the recipes and the tone of the writing. Here's the feed if you're interested: [syndicated profile] hungry_tiger_feed.

And now I should go and post about this on my own journal!



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