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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial
You can read all Follow Friday-tagged entries on the latest page.

First off, I left this community, but maybe it is useful for others: [community profile] perl.
In other news [community profile] bento_picnic started to be slightly more active, which is just YAY! (Note to self: Remember to crosspost!)
Personally my involvement in [community profile] exercise_every_day will enlighten those of you who felt spammed by my sporty updates. That's it community-wise.

But I importated a couple (=too many) of feeds during the last week to Dreamwidth:
[syndicated profile] jlistnew_feed: For the J-List shop. Beware of all the kinky items. I should probably check for a no-"adult"-items feed.
[syndicated profile] lenouveaujaponoblog_feed: En français, une copine partie pour une année étudier au Japon. Jalousie!
[syndicated profile] monbento_feed: Un blog sur... eh oui, bentô.
[syndicated profile] mademoisellem_feed: encore un deuxième!

...und weil man irgendwann auch Frau werden will: ;)
[syndicated profile] innenundaussen_feed: Make-Up-Tests und Kommentare (Danke [personal profile] billie!)
[syndicated profile] pinkpueppi_feed: Ähnlich wie Innen&Aussen

Last but not least:
[syndicated profile] wyborczakraj_feed: Wiadomosci krajowe Gazety Wyborczej!

On another hand I was SO surprised to discover the Amazon Universal Wish List - to be able to add with one click items from other sites makes it so much easier to remember what one wanted to buy. At some point. Maybe. If there is some money left. You get the idea. :) (The only thing that bothers me slightly, that the last name doesn't seem to be hidden. Anyone knows about it or wants to check it for me?)
If you want to share your list, go ahead! (All comments will be screened!) Is there any wishlist-sharing community on Dreamwidth, by the way? Not that my reading list will probably cut a lot, when uni starts again, but... in the meanwhile?
Nie moge uwierzyc.
Oto artikul Newsweeka polskiego.
Po tych wiadomsciach stworzylam [community profile] polska kilka minut temu.

Polish president in "plane crash" - no survivors?(BBC)
Edit: Due to these circumstances [community profile] polska was created as of now. Feel free to post in English and/or Polish.



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