Before I forget it, two items of personal information.
1.) I'll be back in Buxte-town some time this month. Hopefully we'll also be able to do a break out to Hamburg, but nothing's planned as of yet. (You have time? You want to meet up? Email me.)
2.) [ profile] bf_nightingale is a gorgeous gal. You should all feed her cookies for enduring me on Wednesday nights. She makes me talk. Discuss things. It doesn't matter in which language or if we agree. (Homeless. Associations. Fanfiction. Where the heck is the Japanese H/D???)

So now we get to the existential part of this entry. ;)
You probably know by now how it works, so let's leave out the quote and get straight down on to it.

For [personal profile] farbenweberin and anyone else who likes those dragons there is [community profile] dragon_cave_on_dw.
Another community, this time for [personal profile] lir, is also about dragons: [community profile] dragondome.

Now, this will get a bit random now:

[personal profile] bravelioness has a super cute hamster, apparently thanks to [personal profile] haruka. Absolutely go look at it!

[personal profile] lokifan has written Power Plays (Harry/Draco, slightly darkfic, vampire!Draco). She has also some other fanfiction out there that might be worth looking into. (As far as I have seen mainly Harry Potter-centered)
Also, have a little Remus by [personal profile] theholysea.

For those of you who are interested in the whaling issue and Japan's viewpoint, this summary and comment of two books recently published on the subject proved to be quiet interesting. (Provided by my feeds, which I think I'll postpone to an entry later today.)

Thanks to the people at the Language Learner's Forum
Bao provided the link to this absolutely endearing video:

Someone else has also passed the link to the video of Asagohan: Japanese rendition of Beethoven's fifth symphony set in a restuarant.

Another video brought to my attention by [personal profile] la_vie_noire's entry on the Latest Things page:



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