Mar. 10th, 2011 06:37 pm
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So after having had a proposition for an unpaid internship (but in China with a well-known society!) and nothing else coming my way, I started to feel desperate. I knew I shouldn't have waited so long to confirm my doubts at getting anything at the bank I applied to since if they'd be interested they would have certainly got back to me earlier. Applying this late (beginning of March) for an internship that should start in April... well, I could see the HR crew knit their eyebrows, think "That girl really is late. No good." and discard my candidature.
But it seems I have an interview on Monday morning at another bank. Mr G. that I talked to is actually looking for an intern and despite admitting to be nervous and getting some French grammar mixed up nothing stupid happened during the phone call. Though I guess that might have been enough for some people to hang up on me. So. "Job" interview. On Monday morning. Yikes.

(Of course, there a huge probability they won't take me... but it means nothing's lost yet. ...and I'll actually be able to wear my nice outfit. But maybe I should try to find some ballerinas on Saturday instead of torturing myself with the heels. Though I'm not a fan of ballerinas, especially the rounded ones. Most of them are. I'm babbling with excitement and should actually see to finish my homework which I need to send to the teacher in question within the next hour. See you. ♥)
Coburg, Bamberg, Würzburg mit 600€ über die Runde? (Das heisst Zimmer/Wohnung+Essen+vielleicht Nahverkehr.)

Edit: Wie sieht's in Düsseldorf/Dortmund aus?


Jan. 3rd, 2011 05:33 pm
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The day I'm back to civilisation, what do I do? Get a Twitter account to participate in this year's 多読.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and started this new year as good as only possible.
(Should I re-start my revisions for exams or read my reading list first?)
I tried to mix my Noir Precieux (black, outside corners) and my Dr. Hauschka (grey, inside corners), but I'm not sure how I like it. There's at least one person who won't like it at all. *rolls eyes*

Des yeux

I recently got another Maybelline product: Feutre à lèvres )


Dec. 16th, 2010 04:53 pm
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Let's admit it: I'm not a big fan of handbags. Bags are a practical item for me and thus they need to be useful first and foremost. I've been looking for years now to get a new rucksack, one that is big enough to use it for university and that doesn't look too careless? What I want to say is, that I'd like to have something that would be accepted in more professional surroundings. I'm still looking.
In the meantime I hurting my back with tote bags... but wait, I also won a tote over at GTBHC in November! ([syndicated profile] keinezicktsoschoenwi_feed & mein Eintrag dazu) The bag is really classy and thus I "save" it until my internship starts - I used it only once for a semi-professional meeting organised by our department last Friday night.
In the same week, M. brought me another bag home... though this one is so ridiculous that I haven't used it yet - but nevertheless I love it!

See for yourselves and read on )
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[personal profile] flowerstar mentioned the Sonoma Bento Give-away - due to 100 Bentôs since April this year! In need of some more elaborate bento supplies (and greedy as I am, especially since I saw there way vegetable cutters in the set and a box to micro-wave steam vegetables, too), I decided to participate. Absolutely don't participate - or only do so if you count to hand me over the prizes! *evilly glittering eyes*

By the way, you can follow Sonoma Bento on Dreamwidth: [syndicated profile] sonomabento_feed.

PS: Okay, I admit on not being funny today. I feel too many people have left me down lately (privately and "professionally"). I feel I'll drop learning for tonight, take a soppy romance novel and hide in some blankets. Could I at least have some snow?
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[personal profile] acari posted an entry on Christmas a couple of days ago (prompted by an article in the Guardian) and asked everyone how they were spending their Christmas time - or the corresponding holiday in everyone's religion.

Basically, Christmas changed for me a lot since I arrived in France. I will start with the Christmas with my family I was used to (usually in Germany) and then continue with Frenchie Christmas (= with M. and his family).

The Christmas feeling usually started a little before December, with the first Advent and the Advent wreath and sometimes clove-pierced oranges. My mum also put up chain lights/fairy lights on the windows with us, sometimes we tried to make forms (stars for example). Marzipanbrot and Schoko-Dominos are typical sweets for the time preceding Christmas. My mum was always very strict regarding when and how much sweets we had, so we never had a lot of it - at least, until Christmas itself! We also usually had Advent calendars, when I was young little stockings with barely the space for a little sweet (or actually other gem) each day, but later there were the supermarket style chocolate-calendars. I think we once had a Playmobil-one, too. I really like Advent calendars, that little chocolate (or surprise gem) really can make one's day.
On December 6th we would usually have St Nikolaus - we would find sweets, oranges, nuts, tangerines and sometimes small gifts like stickers in our shoes, stockings or tights. We were of course supposed to clean our shoes to perfection before putting them out and always took great care to choose the biggest shoes we had. I think I once had a birch (which is for naughty children), though when I burst out crying my mum said it was only a joke or something like this. I remember she hasn't been serious about it, but I can't remember what exactly was going on. I also remember having written a long letter to Nikolaus once after he had "lost" his bonnet jammed in the door the previous year and telling him I had stored it safely for him.
Finally Christmas itself is a huge affair - usually we didn't set out to Poland in the winter, due to the difficulties on the road. This limited the impact of Christmas and basically it was Christmas evening with a little bit festive feeling (and food) left for the 25th. We had every year (when at home) a real Christmas tree, decorated by us with chain lights, self-made coloured paper-chains and Christmas ball ornaments. Sometimes we had a colour-theme (silver, gold, red, mix of two colours) or we went crazy on decorating. It also depended on who was "responsible" for decoration... or if we did it all together. Some years we had aluminium foil wrapped chocolate ornaments (put the hyphens were they belong...) for the tree or we used old or self-made ornaments, but I usually liked a more sober Christmas tree.
When it comes to Christmas food... it was usually rather traditional Polish food, depending on the ingredients available. When older, once or twice we fastened on the 24th to better appreciate the evening meal. (It happened that I got really angry at my mum one of these times, because she wanted to call all family members before dining and having been preparing all day long wonderful food without eating the smallest bit I felt just too impatient to wait longer.) We usually have clear Barszcz with Uszka (the picture on the Uszka-link depicts it quite well), but the other dishes are quite depending -as I said earlier- on the circumstances and ingredients available. When in Poland, we usually had lots, LOTS, LOTS of different plates. Another tradition is to share Opłatek, usually a quite solemn moment.
Finally, when the first star is out shining, blinking, twinkling in the sky, the gift-opening starts. I believed for quite some time in Santa Claus, I even have the memory of seeing disappearing his sleigh in the night sky when I have been at my paternal grandma's.

Now, let's come to how I live Christmas in France. I won't comment on the year I've been volunteering, because it's too specific and I clearly can't remember any details, expect spending hours in the kitchen to reproduce for everyone something with the vague delight and deliciousness that is Barszcz. (Did I make some Uszka? I don't think so.)

Since in France, November and December are very study-intensive months, with most exams being in January. I usually don't manage to even notice when December rolled around - not to talk about preparing anything. We still don't have any decorations (just three, four small ornaments I got from a fellow Bookcrosser ♥), which has another reason: we are spending Christmas normally with M.'s family. Though I'd like some cloved oranges. His grandparents don't bother for a lot of decoration, if any. When it comes to Advent calenders, there seem to be none in the supermarket where we usually do our shopping, but mum happened to send us some this year again! (...und die Marzipankartoffeln wurden sofort von M. gekidnappt.)
The food here is different and before dining we are surprised (and do surprise) by gifts on everyone's plate. The food I associate with Frenchie Christmas is Foie Gras, snails (not that I manage to find the courage to try them) and a Bûche for dessert. The main dishes vary, usually with capon with chestnuts or Boudin blanc with apples . Often enough we have Ravioles du Dauphiné when down there, so I associate it with Christmas, too. I think it's rather a regional food than a seasonal one. Except that we are with family, it isn't so much anything special.

If you have any question, go ahead.
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I still don't have a lot of time, but there's a post for [personal profile] acari in my think tank. Also, a post on bags (the photos are waiting for ages, let's hope I find them again!) and one on "beauty" await typing. If I haven't posted about that yet. I don't think I did.
JLPT went so-so. (I may pass or may not.) Tomorrow I'll know if I passed the first selection round for studying a year abroad. (I don't think so. I would have needed to be in the better 50% of candidates.) That is in Japan. (Which would be cool and scary.) Tomorrow I'll probably also send my first candidature for the internship. Life happens.

(Crossposting this to LJ for you to know I'm still alive and yes, you can read on on Dreamwidth.)
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Bentô o1 Dec 2010
Sesame(b&w)-powdered basmati rice with tuna. Pepitos (chocolate-covered cookies), banana covered with honey and white sesame, tomato with balsamic sauce, a little part of crottin (cheese).
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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial
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Nov. 16th, 2010 01:57 pm
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...wäre grade so das, was ich am meisten brauche.

Ich habe wieder gewonnen - diesmal einen Eyeliner zum Testen bekommen! Dank des'ai encore gagné quelque chose: cette fois-ci un eyeliner de Maybelline pour tester! C'est grâce au forum sur

Read more... )
Da ich das ganze so lustig fand, habe ich den Eyeliner für einen guten Zweck entfremdet:J'ai trouvé ça bien drôle et j'ai abusé de l'eyeliner pour une bonne cause:

PS: Wenn ihr Fragen dazu habt, nur her damit!PS: Si vous avez des questions, ne hésitez pas de demander!
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Vielleicht erinnert ihr euch an das Gewinnspiel von GTBHC von dem ich berichtet habe?

Ich kann's nicht fassen. Yay!

PS: Übrigens könnt ihr den GTBHC-Feed auf Dreamwidth verfolgen: [syndicated profile] keinezicktsoschoenwi_feed
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If I wait another week, the list will just grow and I am not sure to have the time to post next Friday either. So have it now:
Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial
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Auf dem Kosmetik-Blog "Give The Bitch Her Chocolate" oder aber "keine zickt so schoen wie ich", gibt es momentan ein Gewinnspiel, bei dem ich auch teilnehme:

Ihr könnt auch direkt den RSS-Feed bei Dreamwidth abonnieren: [syndicated profile] keinezicktsoschoenwi_feed

Das Gewinnspiel endet Anfang Oktober, ihr habt also noch einen kleinen Moment um daran teilzunehmen!

PS: Gestern war ich leider über beide Ohren mit dem FFJE beschäftigt, der nächste Follow Friday wird also umso praller!
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...I went to the Tourist Office to fetch some maps of Paris in Japanese (free!) for the FFJE. I thought there was also a Body Shop in the Gare de Lyon, but I didn't spot it. Instead I took some steps around the Sephora store. I though if only I had a helpless enough look someone would come and help me out, but noone did. Since I had no money with me, I didn't want to ask them what I should buy, without being able to do it. Erm.
Also, I'll flood you with some more beauty-related feeds Friday, though honestly, I'll need to lighten up my reading list as soon as university starts again. But until then... and I'll slowly thin the reading list out, so I don't drop something that's really interesting.
I really would like to do some shopping, too, but still have no clue how to choose the right things and have fun and... need to wait until I have money again, too. Gives me some more time to think everything over.
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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial
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First off, I left this community, but maybe it is useful for others: [community profile] perl.
In other news [community profile] bento_picnic started to be slightly more active, which is just YAY! (Note to self: Remember to crosspost!)
Personally my involvement in [community profile] exercise_every_day will enlighten those of you who felt spammed by my sporty updates. That's it community-wise.

But I importated a couple (=too many) of feeds during the last week to Dreamwidth:
[syndicated profile] jlistnew_feed: For the J-List shop. Beware of all the kinky items. I should probably check for a no-"adult"-items feed.
[syndicated profile] lenouveaujaponoblog_feed: En français, une copine partie pour une année étudier au Japon. Jalousie!
[syndicated profile] monbento_feed: Un blog sur... eh oui, bentô.
[syndicated profile] mademoisellem_feed: encore un deuxième!

...und weil man irgendwann auch Frau werden will: ;)
[syndicated profile] innenundaussen_feed: Make-Up-Tests und Kommentare (Danke [personal profile] billie!)
[syndicated profile] pinkpueppi_feed: Ähnlich wie Innen&Aussen

Last but not least:
[syndicated profile] wyborczakraj_feed: Wiadomosci krajowe Gazety Wyborczej!

On another hand I was SO surprised to discover the Amazon Universal Wish List - to be able to add with one click items from other sites makes it so much easier to remember what one wanted to buy. At some point. Maybe. If there is some money left. You get the idea. :) (The only thing that bothers me slightly, that the last name doesn't seem to be hidden. Anyone knows about it or wants to check it for me?)
If you want to share your list, go ahead! (All comments will be screened!) Is there any wishlist-sharing community on Dreamwidth, by the way? Not that my reading list will probably cut a lot, when uni starts again, but... in the meanwhile?
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To Komikku, to be precise. And what we did get were those two items: a "Cup cake" (the chocolate one, they didn't have the strawberry one) and a black Fresco box. They are not named the same in the shop we bought them, but those are the items. For a higher price, but no delivery fees, so I guess it might be quite the same in the end. Which means I have no reason to procrastinate doing more Bentô! (Except the FFJE starting soon and then the master, of course.)
We chose the black box, because it was either black, rose or with other designs and since I'd do bentos for Matt... I think the black should pass best at work. When they get used to it, I'll try to lay my hands on the Pikachuuuuu. Well, first things first: do more real bentô.

...and I owe you a picture.
Have Matt's latest bentô that he didn't eat, since he had a lunch-meeting, D'OH! )

PS: I'll do some more pictures of the cupcakes and have I already shown my Stitch-Onigiri box that J.&gf brought me back from Japan? And the HK chopsticks?
PS2: Should I crosspost this to [community profile] bento_picnic?
PS3: You'll actually get a real Follow Friday post... later! :P
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We went back to the library today and I got a book called "Les gyms du bien-être". Including something on yoga. The introduction was so... spiritual that the book was almost dropped right away, so I put in the DVD to see the 12 minutes of yoga class. Not interesting at all, not explained (probably because they expected one to read the book before), thus I stopped at some point and changed to check out my first YOGAmazing video. Neck and shoulders work-out. Granted, the guy is not my type, his voice isn't steadily recorded and the way he speaks... however, I enjoyed those 18 minutes far more than the "professional" presentation on the lent DVD. I guess it will go back as soon as possible to the library. Maybe I'll give it a another chance tomorrow.
There's a second book, "Le Yoga", but sadly without a DVD. We'll see what it gives.
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Here's the plan: every Friday, let's recommend some people and/or communities to follow on Dreamwidth. That's it. No complicated rules, no "pass this on to 7.328 friends or your cat will die". Just introduce us to some new things to read. - [personal profile] damned_colonial

I don't think I have anything for you though.
Oh, I have!

[community profile] bakeitup had a nice HelloKitty icecream - I need a HelloKitty or similarly cute cake mold!

In other news I did a little bento for M. last night, but apparently he is going to eat with some superiors in a restaurant today. (=___=) He said he might eat it tomorrow, but by then the rice will go dry, probably. He decided the package looked nice, though, but had no time this morning to check inside. (Photo might follow, I have it done.) Of course, him being out last night was part of the "Surprise! Bento!" thing, so I wasn't going to ask him if par hasard he had some meeting today for lunch. Disappointment. But last night's episode of Bones was hilarious!
Somehow having a lot to do today doesn't make me do it. I should get some exercises done, clean up at least the living room and kitchen for tonight's family reunion and do some more kanji. (Because I actually did some kanjiboxing this morning!) Oh, good news: I subscribed to the local library and they have a whole room of material for language learning! I just realised two seconds ago, they may have also some yoga related items, but that might fall under the paying tariff for videos and non-book-related CDs. Thus I link you to [community profile] a_paris! :P

PS: I also have a weird craving for fanfiction. Help!?