Mar. 10th, 2011


Mar. 10th, 2011 06:37 pm
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So after having had a proposition for an unpaid internship (but in China with a well-known society!) and nothing else coming my way, I started to feel desperate. I knew I shouldn't have waited so long to confirm my doubts at getting anything at the bank I applied to since if they'd be interested they would have certainly got back to me earlier. Applying this late (beginning of March) for an internship that should start in April... well, I could see the HR crew knit their eyebrows, think "That girl really is late. No good." and discard my candidature.
But it seems I have an interview on Monday morning at another bank. Mr G. that I talked to is actually looking for an intern and despite admitting to be nervous and getting some French grammar mixed up nothing stupid happened during the phone call. Though I guess that might have been enough for some people to hang up on me. So. "Job" interview. On Monday morning. Yikes.

(Of course, there a huge probability they won't take me... but it means nothing's lost yet. ...and I'll actually be able to wear my nice outfit. But maybe I should try to find some ballerinas on Saturday instead of torturing myself with the heels. Though I'm not a fan of ballerinas, especially the rounded ones. Most of them are. I'm babbling with excitement and should actually see to finish my homework which I need to send to the teacher in question within the next hour. See you. ♥)



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