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It's 7.30 Saturday morning and I'm up and about even though I don't have classes today. Don't worry, I have trouble sleeping lately and try to accommodate with it the best I can. Actually I thought, now having signed my internship engagement -only the university's signature is still necessary- I'd calm down and sleep better. Well, it seems not.
I'll be with a big, international bank, while not on the exact mission I wanted to be, it will be something related closely. I guess I'll able to tell you more in two weeks time since I start in a little more than a week.
This means of course, that I should absolutely rock the exams next week (and those the week after) to limit the time I'll be absent from the internship right at its beginning due to repassing exams. We'll do what we can, but they have been informed by me that taking me later on means I'd be more available.
I'll be there until September. This means no holidays. Holidays are overrated if you can't go somewhere nice anyway, right? Next holidays: Christmas for exam preparation. :3

Maybe I could start today's revisions. (Especially since I've more or less planned to see friends for lunch and tomorrow we're finally going to see Yamato - Les tambours japonais.
Precious time.)

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Date: 2011-03-26 08:33 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] amethyste
Good luck for the exams!

And I can so relate for the holiday thing. Last semester, I had my obligatory 5 month internship, and I had almost no holidays at all. The only kind of "holidays" I had were the few days when I went to Magdeburg for my birthday, and on the next day, I was already busy buying a suit for the internship. *sigh* You know your childhood has ended when you spend your birthday money on a business suit, amirite.

But anyway, I hope the internship will be enjoyable, at least to some degree. Good luck with everything! ❤

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Date: 2011-03-27 01:37 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] amethyste
❤ *hugs back*

Well, as a little update about myself: I was planning to finish one of my two subjects this semesters, and I succeeded only partially. Basically, when the literature list for the written final exams was announced, i still had two papers to write - eight weeks before exams. Every sane person would have killed themselves tried to find a way to log out the exams list, but nooo, I jad to write two papers in less than four weeks and use the rest of time to try to read every book on the list. I finished the papers, got good marks on them even. But because of stress, I couldn't sleep for three days before exams - like, literally! I just couldn't fall asleep, no matter how tired I was. Unsurprisingly, I felt really ill on the day of exam, almost passed out and had to throw up. So I couldn't take it on that day in that condition. *sigh* Will have to re-take it next semester. But hey, at least I'm scheinfrei now (I hope you know the term, if not, it means I don't have to write any papers in that subject or take classes ever again - I'm done), and I've passed the oral exams. :3 With a 1,0, if I may add! (But hey, I'm sure the written exams will be terrible since I have to take written exams of a faculty unrelated to my major, and I know jack shit about communication theories and media politics and stuff, haha. So this grade will help to balance the atrocity of the written exam to come.)

Other than that, I felt fantastically in the last quarter of 2010, but then my depression got worse, I've been crying several days a week, and I wanted to spare everyone I know online the woe that was me. (I feel a bit better atm.) That said, my depression has been getting worse over the years, and I finally know the reason behind it (I do not feel comfortable discussing it in an entry like that, where it can be read by other people - maybe I'll tell it in private sometime). And the sad thing is that nothing can be done about it. It's kind of hard to explain without naming some details, but things that I learned about myself make it quite clear that I'll probably have a very, very tough life. But whatever, whining about it won't help much. I just didn't have to write about in the past months, aside from "OMG EXAMS I'M GOING TO DIE!!!1!!" and "Bawwwwwwww woe is me I don't want to do anything". *sigh*

I guess I got carried away a bit. Again, good luck for anything, and I hope we'll get to hear from each other (via LJ, DW, and whatever else). (:



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