Mar. 26th, 2011

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It's 7.30 Saturday morning and I'm up and about even though I don't have classes today. Don't worry, I have trouble sleeping lately and try to accommodate with it the best I can. Actually I thought, now having signed my internship engagement -only the university's signature is still necessary- I'd calm down and sleep better. Well, it seems not.
I'll be with a big, international bank, while not on the exact mission I wanted to be, it will be something related closely. I guess I'll able to tell you more in two weeks time since I start in a little more than a week.
This means of course, that I should absolutely rock the exams next week (and those the week after) to limit the time I'll be absent from the internship right at its beginning due to repassing exams. We'll do what we can, but they have been informed by me that taking me later on means I'd be more available.
I'll be there until September. This means no holidays. Holidays are overrated if you can't go somewhere nice anyway, right? Next holidays: Christmas for exam preparation. :3

Maybe I could start today's revisions. (Especially since I've more or less planned to see friends for lunch and tomorrow we're finally going to see Yamato - Les tambours japonais.
Precious time.)
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Ich habe letztens mein Bento-Kochbuch ausprobiert und Rote Beete-Reis gemacht. Mag ich persönlich gerne, aber aus irgendeinem Grund war der Reis nicht so hübsch koloriert wie im Buch. (Das lag vielleicht daran, dass ich das ganze im Reiskocher gemacht habe.)
Ansonsten letztens auch ganz eigene Pizza gemacht, der Pizzateig war lustig zu machen. Am Ende war nicht alles perfekt (oops, Salz vergessen), aber trotzdem sehr lecker und so gross, dass er für uns beide 2 Tage locker gereicht hat.
Ich weiss nicht, ob ich schon von dem super Riesenzitronenkuchen gesprochen habe der fast 2 Wochen überlebt hat und trotzdem sehr lecker blieb? (Weil eben so enorm.)



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