May. 21st, 2011

martyna: Matt's and my inline-skates (rollers)
An eventful week!
What I want to tell you about is having been to a Zumbla class organised by a friend and his buddies to collect donations for the OXFAM Trailwalker event.
I've heard about Zumba from [ profile] tinuviel about two or three weeks ago, when she talked about the WII-Game and from L. when he promoted the event the week after. Since that dance (because it is a dance) came up so often within such a short period of time, I decided I just had to have a go at it! Despite all my problems with rhythm and coordination.
We had an hour scheduled and... Clotilde, the teacher, had us sweating after a couple of minutes. So intensive! But also so very much fun! (I haven figured out yet whether it was the participants or the music or the workout or everything together. I guess I'll have to visit one of the regular lessons she gives all over Paris to see!)
Zumba is like a mix of elements from all latin dances. Salsa, Tango, you have some Hip Hop style things and... it looks really sexy and cool. Well, it looks cool on pros like Clotilde... because we all had fits of laughter trying to follow her and feeling ridiculous.
Today, I do feel my legs. But I guess I just need to work out more! :)

PS: Two friends within a week talked to me about Salsa. Now, I really don't manage any of that hip-swing stuff, but... I guess if they go and tell me it's fun I might check it out to. Maybe one can learn about rhythm?
PS2: Which actually means I'm absolutely decided to get some dancing Wii-games.

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I don't feel like I can answer in more than three sentences to those questions... But don't hesitate to ask for precisions!



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