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21 Days For Dreamwidth - Day 1: Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?

A small remark before beginning: I'm taking the questions from [personal profile] schattenstern's list.

Day 1: Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?
I remember LiveJournal turning less and less the friendly place I felt it was earlier and have at that time started to wonder whether I won't drop the whole, entire blogging-experience. Then the information on dreamwidth started circulating on my friendslist, mainly thanks to [personal profile] schattenstern, if I remember correctly.
Dreamwidth seemed to be a very open-minded community (since dreamwidth, too, has its trolls) and had already back then easy ways -through crossposting- that helped to continue communicating with your friendslist on LJ.

There was a need for me to change, but I was far from ready to abandon blogging this way. There was also some annoyance about LiveJournal that pushed me away.

Momentan bleibt die grosse Frage: nächstes Jahr Dual-Studium oder nicht?

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duales Studium ist super! Ich bin sehr glücklich, dass ich mich dazu entschieden habe!

Sonst alles gut bei dir?

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Oooh, is there a list for this meme other than the one I stealthily pilfered from someone in my Dwircle am using? :D

(Zuam Dual-Studium kann ich leider nicht wirklich was sagen, da ich's ja allgemein mit dem Studieren nicht so hatte, aber was wär denn dein größtes Argument dafür/dagegen?)